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ATS Racing Coolant Vest

Superior cooling properties will keep the body temperature at comfortable level as you race.

Product Description

The Racing Coolant Vest developed by ATS is a mesh vest with 6 pieces of unique coolant pads inserted into specially designed pockets. The soft materials makes wearing the vest very comfortable and keeps you cool through all types of motor sport racing.


Available color - blue, black, red, or yellow


Blue - R6A11-10,   Black - R6A11-11,   Red - R6A11-12,   Yellow - R6A11-13
$109.50 + shipping ($9.80)


  • Prevents a rise in the body temperature for 20 to 45 minutes. *1
  • A new material with the freezing point at 25C / 77 F provides comfortable fit without water condensation and heat shock - unwanted negative impact on your body due to a sudden temperature change.
  • Effective for track, sprint, and endurance racing on hot days.
  • Very light and soft materials fully maintain your mobility.
  • The pads are easily frozen in a refrigerator or in a cooler with ice.
  • Total weight (vest plus 6 cool pads) is only 900 g (1.98 pounds).
  • A highly breathable mesh vest reduces heat build-up.
  • Can be worn by mechanics, race officials and spectators during hot days.
  • Pads are easily swapped without removing the vest.
Note *1 - effective duration of cooling varies depending on the ambient temperature and type of racing suit and undergarment used.

Characteristics of the cooling pads (ATS advantage !!)


Conventional cooling products by other manufacturers require freezing at subzero temperatures (less than the water freezing point). Consequently, the material is extremely cold and the formation of condensation takes place very quickly. Furthermore, the material is usually an inorganic compound and as such it solidifies as a hard piece at low temperatures. Along with the additional weight, these products are far from comfortable to wear for racing.

ATS coolant pads freezes at a normal temperature of 25C / 77 F and there is little water condensation when melting. The newly developed organic compound keeps a soft form even when it is frozen and provides a very comfortable fit to the body. the heat absorbing capacity of this vest is about 80 times greater a that of melting ice. The secret of ATS super effective cooling power lies in the new material which utilizes latent heat from the liquidation at normal temperatures and in its unique insulation structure.


This is not an incombustible material. Please refer to the regulation when it is used for a sanctioned race.

Do not touch and never eat the material inside the pad.