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ATS Close Ratio Gears for Honda B series

Version 1
Version 2

Benefit of the close ratio gear
Designed to maximize your engine's potential, the ATS Close Ratio Gears keep the RPM change smaller on each gear shift than stock gears. You can take advantage of your Acura or Honda's VTEC engine more effectively with ATS's close Ratio Gears.

ATS Close Ratio Gears replace your stock 1st,3rd, 4th, and 5th gears. Your stock 2nd gear (2.105 gear ratio) is still utilized. The close ratio gears are offered in two versions.

ATS offers two versions
The original version (Version 1) is manufactured for a car which has 160 hp to 220 hp. As your tuning advances, the engine produces more horse power which requires a need for a stronger set. Version 2 is manufactured for a higher horsepower vehicle and is significantly stronger with lesser teeth and that are thicker. Version 2 also has a slightly higher noise level than the Version 1, but can be driven on the street without any problems. The gear ratio of the Version 2 is slightly taller than that of the Version 1.

The stock 1st gear can be different depending on your final gear ratio and ATS has developed two 1st gears to suit your car. One is for the final gear ratio of 4.40 and the other is for 4.78 or 4.928 (ATS final). The ATS 1st gear is exactly same for the Version 1 and the Version 2.

Version 1
Version 2

From the top, 3rd, 4th, and 5th for both pictures above. The version 2 (3rd,4th, & 5th) has significantly larger module. The version 2 has 150% to 200 % more bending strength.

Note 1: ATS close gear set does not fit B16A or B18 cable transmission.
Note 2: If your transmission is from GSR whose second gear ratio is 1.90, ATS recommends to change the second gear ratio to 2.10 (Integra Type R). To change the 1.9 to 2.1, you need Type R mainshaft and the second gear for the countershaft. Keeping 1.90 2nd gear with our 1.652 3rd might be too close.

Gear Ratio & module (the size of the teeth)
  Version 1 Module Version 2 Module Stock
1st 3.077 (13:40)   3.077 (13:40)   3.232 (13:42)
2nd 2.105   2.105   2.105
3rd 1.652 (23:38) 2.0 1.563 (16:25) 3.0 1.458 (24:35)
4th 1.308 (26:34) 2.0 1.188 (16:19) 3.5 1.107 (28:31)
5th 1.033 (30:31) 2.0 0.938 4.0 0.848 (33:28)

Price & model #
Version 1
Version 2
1st + 3rd + 4th + 5th (4.4) R7A17-65 $1,397.00 R7A17-76 $1,604.00
1st + 3rd + 4th + 5th (4.78) R7A17-62 $1,397.00 R7A17-79 $1,604.00
3rd + 4th + 5th R7A17-38 $1,160.00 R7A17-73 $1,417.00
1st (4.4 final) 37122-15 $275.00 37122-15 $275.00
1st (4.78 final) 37122-16 $275.00 37122-16 $275.00
3rd R7A17-30 $538.00 R7A17-70 $579.00
4th R7A17-31 $538.00 R7A17-71 $579.00
5th R7A17-03 $455.00 R7A17-72 $579.00
The prices include EMS shipping from ATS Japan directly to your place.