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Differential Final Gear Set

B finalfit final

ATS final gears are shorter than the stock finals (except for the one for Nissan R35 GTR) and provide faster acceleration for each gear.

A shorter final gear is especially beneficial for a vehicle of lower engine torque. On the other hand, the longer final gear for Nissan GTR with the gear ratio of 3.333 is designed for higher top speed.

An appropriate final gear will present significant advantage on many competition events and races.

For the greater durability, special shot peening (ATS Temper Shot) and heat treatment are applied to all ATS final gears.

Note: In exchange for a faster acceleration, the vehicle top speed is reduced according to the shorter gear ratio.

Porsche 3.750 final -- click here

Nissan 350Z 4.111 final -- click here

New Nissan R35 GTR 3.333 final -- click here

Application list

Acura / Honda
Model Year Chassis Engine Model# Gear ratio Price $ Note
JDM Civic 92-94 EG6 B16A R7A16-10 4.928 $1,030.00 N1,N2
Del Sol 94-97   B16A R7A16-10 4.928 $1,030.00 N2
Civic Si 99-00   B16A R7A16-10 4.928 $1,030.00 N2
JDM Civic Type R 97-00 EK9 B16B R7A16-11 4.928 $1,030.00 N2
Integra GSR 94-00   B18 R7A16-11 4.928 $1,030.00 N2
Integra Type R 96-00 DC2, DB8 B18C R7A16-11 4.928 $1,030.00 N2,N3
US CRX Si 88-91   D16A R7A16-14 4.73 N/A  
Civic Si (4th generation) 88-91   D16A R7A16-14 4.73 N/A  
Prelude 91-96 BB1, BB4 H22A R7A16-21 4.643 N/A N1
Fit 04- GD3 L15A R7A16-25 4.563 N/A  
Fit 04- GD3 L15A R7A16-28 4.688 N/A  
Fit 06- GE8 L15A R7A16-26 4.563 N/A  
Fit 06- GE8 L15A R7A16-27 4.688 N/A  
N1: the final does not fit if a vehicle is equipped with stock viscous LSD
N2: the kit comes with Honda 1st gear, distance collar, needle bearing x2 (stock Honda parts for DC2 98+)
N3: if your Integra has the 4.78 stock final, there is no need for the stock parts. Please specify for a lower price.
Model Year Chassis   Model# Gear ratio Price $ Note
911 Carrera2, Coupe 91-94 E-964A NA 3.6 L R7A16-29 3.750 $1,643.00 G50/5MT
Carrera RS 91-92 964 NA 3.6 L R7A16-29 3.750   G50/5MT
Carrera 87-89 930 NA 3.2 L R7A16-29 3.750   G50/5MT
Carrera   993 NA R7A16-30 3.750 $1,726.00 G50/6MT
GT2   996, 993 Turbo R7A16-31 3.750 $1,809.00 G50/6MT
GT3   996 NA R7A16-31 3.750   G50/6MT
350Z / 370Z 02- 350Z VQ35 R7A16-35 4.111 $899.00 N4
  07- 370Z VQ37 R7A16-35 4.111   N4
GTR 08- R35 VR38 R7A89-10 3.333 $6,237.00 N5
N4: 350Z stock final gear ratio - 3.538, Z370 stock final gear ratio - 3.692
N5: A set of two ring and pinion gears. One for the front and the other for the rear.
The prices include the EMS shipping from ATS Japan directly to you.
If your shipping address is not in the U.S, please get a qoute from us. The price might differ.