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Z33 (350Z) project [LSD tuning] - REV Speed July 2009

Rev July09

Clubman-Spec Project     (A project for a reliable, fast, and enjoyable 350Z ride)

LSD- Tuning. “A change in the cam angle of the ATS carbon LSD will result in superior traction on the race track.” – By Super Autobacs Hamamatsu

* A carbon LSD with a 74 degree cam on the throttle “On-Side”.

The ATS Carbon LSD has a very mild transitional characteristic from the “open” to “lock” position which provides a very smooth driving experience on street driving and excellent traction on the race track. Professional driver, Mr. Kinoshita wanted to try different LSD that would have a faster response to his throttle input as he exited corners. ATS accepted challenge by modifying the cam angle of the acceleration side of the carbon LSD from 60 degree to 74 degree.

Ohlin’s Suspension and the ATS carbon LSD is an exquisite match. In previous race track runs, we used a 10kg /mm Hyperco Springs for the Ohlin’s DFV dumper and slightly reduced the front gas pressure. Mr. Kinoshita drove the Z350 on the street this time and confirmed that this set-up was an excellent combination. “The pitching movement of the suspension becomes very smooth and the handling is very natural. Even with the wider 10J wheels and slightly stiffer tires, the vehicle is very stable and does not have any jerky or spongy movement.”

----- .......

The “footwork” has been completed with the ATS Carbon LSD. Mr. Kinoshita was very pleased with the change of the cam angle from 60 to 74 degree. The combination of the smoothness of the carbon LSD and the faster throttle response yielded ideal traction. With a very stable turn as you initiated the entrance of the corner and with a faster throttle response has made the Super Autobacs 350Z an awesome cornering machine for any corner!