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ATS Non Conversion - Pull (NC-Pull) clutch

The first in the industry, the evolutionary ATS Conversion Free Carbon single / twin clutch does not require a pull – push conversion. It is conversion free.

NC pull
NC pull
NC pull
ATS NC Pull clutch for Mitsubishi Evo 4 - 9


● The ATS NC-Pull Carbon Clutch utilizes a stock clutch cover or a stock replacement after-market clutch cover. There is no pull – push conversion required.

● The installment conforms to the instruction of your stock service manual.

● Excellent torque delivery and ultra smooth engagement from ATS&ACROSS carbon discs

● A used clutch cover can be used if the distortion / damage is within 0.3mm.

● ATS has added a special pressure plate under the stock clutch cover to assure proper friction & abrasion characteristics.

● All internal plates / discs are made by ATS. ATS has been in the performance clutch industry for more than 10 years and offers a product that you can use in confidence unquestionably.

● The lineup includes a single carbon and a twin carbon clutch. (Note 1)

● With a use of aftermarket clutch cover of more than 1,100kg clamping rate, the rated horse power that can be attained is 700 hp.

Note 1: ATS generally recommends the twin clutch due to it’s increased torque capacity. However, if the usage is limited to standard street driving, the single clutch can provide plenty of performance for your driving experience. Please consult your shop or ATS for more information.


● In the diagram below, the upper part in light purple color is the stock clutch cover. The structure and materials of the rest are basically the same as those of a standard ATS carbon clutch.

● The adaptation to either single or twin clutch is made by changing the height of the pressure plate.

● The stock cover is installed on the casing wall. In order to secure enough strength, the casing has been integrated onto the flywheel.


Rated Horsepower

● The rated horsepower depends upon the clamping rate of the clutch cover.

● With a new clutch cover of 1,100kg clamping rate, a twin clutch and single clutch could handle up to 700hp and 350hp respectively.

● Please adjust the estimated capacity accordingly if you re-use a stock cover with a weaken spring rate.

● ATS recommends a clutch cover with a higher than 1,100kg clamping rate for the CF single carbon.


● For spirited street driving, please use a new clutch cover with a high clamping rate (preferably more than 1,100kg)

● If the clutch starts slipping, adjust your driving style and minimize the damage to the steel plates. Then, change the cover to a new and preferably one with a higher clamp rate.

● You may consider upgrading from single to a twin.

● For racing use, ATS recommends using our standard carbon or metal clutches with an ATS clutch cover.


Vehicle model
Model number
Clutch type
Flywheel Weight
Mazda RX7 FD3S
Carbon Single
Carbon Twin
11.9 lb
Mitsubishi Evo 4-9
Carbon Single
Carbon Twin
12.8 lb
Mitsubishi Evo 10
Carbon Single
Carbon Twin
October 01, 2009
Subaru Impreza GDB&GRB
Carbon Single
Carbon Twin
13.9 lb