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Sep 21, 2015

ATS released "Type DD" LSDs. Another evolutionary step. Newly released are 5 models which can handle the tough endurance race without any deteriorated performance. Type DD - Super Drivability & Durability. It offers unmatched oil circulation. Click here

Jan 06, 2015
ATS Poster Calendar for 2015

ATS 2015 Poster calendar is available. See it on our Facebook page. (you can also click from the menu on the left). Send your response on the facebook and you may get it free (shipped it to you).

Oct 18, 2014
Carbon Blade Clutch and Full carbon clutch

New pages have been added. One is for ATS Carbon Blade and the other is for ATS Full Carbon Clutch. The blade clutch was originally designed by ACROSS (Carbonetic). When they went out of business, ATS purchased the spec of the blade clutch and has started producing them this year. The Full Carbon Clutch is a compilation of the researches and development over more than 10 years.

Oct 15, 2014
Nissan GTR Final Gear 3.333

ATS has released its final gear for Nissan GTR. The final gear set (front and rear) with its gear ratio of 3.333 is longer than the stock and is designed for increasing the top speed for the highly modified GTR.

This final gear was used by the AMUSE GTR Phantom for the option magazine sponsored top speed shootout.

Dec 13, 2012
New Carbon Hybrid 42/15 & New price for S2000 LSD

ATS has added the Carbon Hybrid 42/15 LSD to Supra, FT86, BRZ, 350/370Z, and RX7&RX8 application. The Carabon Hybrid 42/15 model replaces the two of the carbon discs with the metal disc from the Spec 3 carbon LSD. The price is lower than the carbon LSD spec 3. The initial toraue is 15kg.m and the initial torque lasts longer than the spec 3.

In January 2013, a stronger case will be used for S2000 LSD and the prices of Carbon Spec 3 and Spec 4 will go down. At the same time, the carbon hybrid 42/15 will be added to the appliaction.

Please click here for the detail

Dec 11, 2012
Tsukuba Time Attack in Japan

On December 7, 2012 the annual Tsukuba Time attck (Super Battle) was held. It is a very popular event where the tuners / shops battle for their pride. This year a new class was added for FT86 / BRZ. We would like to report that our carbon LSD Spec 3 & Spec 4 did very well in the event. The result of FT86 / BRZ street class is attached. Please click here.

Besides the FT86 / BRZ street class, we are happy to report
* ESPRIT won the FT86/BRZ forced induction class at 1.03.776. ESPRIT uses our carbon clutch.
* Auteck Tsukada R35 GTR won the 4WD street class at 58.634. Auteck Tsukada's GTR has our carbon LSD.
* SEEKER's FD2 won the FF (w/o forced induction) class at 1.03.766 with our carbon LSD.
* ARMS Sylvia S15 won the FR / 2500+NA class at 59.660 with our carbon LSD.
Our carbon LSD spec 3 & spec 4 were the choice for the winners in 4 classes.

Nov 7, 2012
SEMA & new metal clutch price

For the customers who visited our booth at the SEMA show, we would like to extend our sincere thanks. The price list for our new metal clutches (which we distributed at the SEMS show) is now available on our site. Please click here.

The actual release of the new metal clutch is January 01, 2013

You can see the catalogue we distributed at SEMA show here - Please click here

Aug 29, 2012
SEMA & PRI show

We are going to have a booth at both SEMA and PRI show this year. We are planning to show the significant improvement we have made on the carbon LSD by creating ATS carbon LSD spec 2,3,4, & 5. Also at display is the new metal clutch disc. In 2013, ATS metal clutch will be available for all the models for which the carbon clutch is currently available. Please stop by if you attend the show.

Feb 23, 2012
ATS Video on YouTube

ATS uploaded a video on YouTube explaining the amazing performance of the carbon LSD with high initial torque (Spec2,3,4,& 5). The video also presents the official record of how ATS coped with the carbon LSD problems in the past. We would like to assure our customers that current Spec 2, 3, 4, and 5 carbon LSD are free of troubles. Click here for the video      http://youtu.be/7UQkbWDGtZs

Jan 12, 2012
Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ

In a couple of months, a FR compact sport Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ will be released to the market. As a next generation sport car, those two vehicles are attracting all the attention from the world. ATS has already started developing the Carbon & Metal LSD and Spec 2 carbon clutch. They are expected to be released right after the 86 & BRZ debut.

Dec 26, 2011
LSD new versions for Honda FF   (D24, Spec4&5, and Carbon Hybrid)

ATS LSDs never stop evolving!   Starting the 2012, ATS is releasing Type D24, Carbon LSD Spec 4&5, and Carbon Hybrid for Honda EK9, DC2, EP3, DC5, FD2, & CL7. More application will be added going forward for the Carbon Hybrid.

Type D24    click here       Carbon LSD Spec4&5    click here       Carbon Hybrid LSD    click here

Dec 14, 2011
Tsukuba REV Super Battle (December 9, 2011)

Tsukuba time attack is the event where the tuners / shops all over Japan & abroad gather once a year for their bragging rights. Like last year, ATS LSD / clutch contributed toward the top places for many shops. Especially for FR (Front engine, Rear drive) and 4WD class, ATS carbon LSDs (spec 2 to Spec 4) have become a must-have item. To name several shops, Revolution [FD3s] Overall 1st, Autech Tsukada [GTR] 1st in the class, ARMS [S15] 1st in the class, and ARVOU [S2000] 1st in the class. The detailed result will be published in the Rev magazine February issue.

Sep 14, 2011
Revolution RX7 new record for 2WD in Australia

In World Time Attack held at Eastern Creek International Raceway in Australia last month, the Revolution RX7, equipped with ATS carbon LSD modified spec 2, made a new course record for 2WD. The lapping time was 1 min 30 sec 501. Congratulations to Revolution. The driver is Mitsuhiro Kinoshita who works very closely with ATS for the new products development.

Click here to get the result sheet from an external link - CLICK

YouTube link for the record run - CLICK

Jun 06, 2011
Professional driver, Mr. Kinoshita, on ATS carbon LSD - YouTube

Mr. Kinoshita, GT professional driver, talks about the amazing performance of Carbon LSD Spec 3/Spec 4 on the test drive in Nakayama race track. The video is available in YouTube. Please click here

The link is also on the first page of this website

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