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Feb 09, 2011
Carbon LSD Spec III & Spec IV

Last year, ATS supplied the carbon LSD spec III and spec IV to the selected racing teams. Spec III and Spec IV have 15kg and 20kg initial torque respectively. Along with the ultra fast response, they enhance the vehicle stability dramatically both at a braking point and the exit of a corner. Effective today, they are available to our customers but please talk to us or our dealer if you have interest in those two LSDs.

Jan 24, 2011
Mazda Miata (2.0 liter) & Mini Cooper LSD and clutch

ATS has started the development of carbon LSD (Spec II and Spec III) and single carbon / metal clutch Spec II for Mazda Miata 3rd Generation with its 2.0 liter engine and for BMW Mini Cooper S w/ 1.6 liter turbo. The sales are expected to start at the end of March 2011. (Both have been added to the application list as of July 15, 2011).

Jan 12, 2011
Carbon LSD Spec II and Drifting

With our sponsored driver, Mr. Hibino, finished 2010 D1 season with strong results and more drivers choosing Spec II carbon LSD for drifting, we summarized the benefits of the carbon LSD Spec II on drifting. Also added is a drifting impression from ATS stuff who tested the Spec II in a very wet surface. Please click here

Dec 15, 2010
Tsukuba Time Attack

In the annual Tsukuba Time Attack on Dec 12th, ATS LSD equipped vehicles produced an excellent result. In the 2WD open class, the Revolution RX7 recorded the fastest 2WD time at 53.673. In the 2WD street class, ARMS S15 won the 1st at 1.00.818. As an special guest entry, R Magic RX7 recorded 56.039. ATS products are constantly evolving from the actual feedback from the racetrack. Those shops use ATS Spec II carbon LSD or modified Spec II carbon LSD.

Nov 01, 2010
ATS Pro-Spec II 2,400 (Single Carbon)

A new clamping rate of 2,400 kg has been added to the Pro-Spec II. The Prospec II 2,400 boasts the rated horse power of 550 to 600 HP. Even with this increased capacity, the pedal effort is still lighter than stock. Available for Toyota Supra, Nissan 350 / 370Z, Mitsubnishi Evo, Subaru STi, and BMW. .

Oct 15, 2010
Silent disks are to be used for all metal LSDs

ATS will start using its silent disk (which has been used for the Super Silent LSD) for all the other metal LSDs. The internal disks for the standard, D20, and Deftforce will be replaced by the silent disk. The silent disk provides less chattering, more controllability, and more stable performance.

Sep 21, 2010
Nissan GTR Rear LSD

Long waited ATS Rear LSD for Nissan GTR will be released in the last November 2010. It is in the final stage of the development and when it is released, the price of Carbon LSD Spec II is $2,672.00 and the silent metal LSD will be at $2,279.00. Both prices include the EMS shipping from ATS Japan to your place in the U.S. We are currently taking orders for early December delivery. Please contact us or our dealers.

Aug 16, 2010
Civic One Make Series current standings

Honda Exciting Cup Civic Series is fought by FD2. As a spec FD2 series, there is not much modification you can do. LSD is one of the few choices the drivers can make and the selection is extremely important to have an edge to win. Attached is the current standings of the series and ATS supported drivers are highlighted by yellow. As you can see, ATS supported drivers with ATS LSD dominate the races so far.

Click here for the standing

You can get the same result table from the official Honda site (in Japanese) - Click

Aug 04, 2010
ATS Carbon Clutch Spec II for Nissan 350Z HR / 370Z

The carbon clutch Spec II for 350Z HR and 370Z will come with a newly designed ATS big slave cylinder (NISMO cylinder option is no longer offered.). The new slave cylinder reduces the pedal effort by 30 % compared with the NISMO cylinder of 15 %. As the result, the actual pedal effort goes down to 12kg with single diaphragm spring - the pedal effort of stock clutch is 13kg.

In addition, single carbon clutch spec II w/ ultra light flywheel (CN23H1192L-16S) has been added. The total weight of the clutch is 9.8kg with 5.2kg flywheel. The light mass inertia improves the engine rev speed and engine brake. In a test at Fuji speed way, this new clutch reduced the lapping time by almost 2 sec.

Aug 04, 2010
ATS Pro-Spec II carbon clutch for S2000 & NSX

The single carbon clutch Spec II for the S2000 and NSX have been added to the product lineup. With more than 400 hp (at the wheel) capacity and with a lighter pedal effort than the stock clutch, Spec II enhance your driving enjoyment. In addition, NSX single carbon clutch Spec II weighs only 8.5kg (18.7lb) compared with the stock clutch of 16.2kg (35.6lb).

Jul 20, 2010
ATS Final for 350Z Summer Sale

From July 20 to Aug 30, PPI has a summer sale for ATS Final R7A16-35 (4.111 gear ratio for 350Z/370Z). The sale price is $680.00 (Regular price is $909.00). Furthermore, if you purchase this final with ATS silent metal LSD or carbon LSD, you can get the final at $566.00. The price includes the EMS shipping.
Click for more information on the final gear

Jun 16, 2010
ATS LSD for Honda CR-Z

ATS has released its carbon and metal LSD for Honda CR-Z. CR-Z will be widely available in this summer in the North America and ATS LSDs will enhance the driving pleasure of this Hybrid vehicle. LSDs for CR-Z are offered in both carbon and metal. Spec II and 1 way cam model are also available.

Jun 15, 2010
ATS Carbon / Metal LSD Spec II

ATS has released Spec II carbon LSD and metal LSD. The Carbon LSD Spec II offers an incredible throttle response without any time lags.It is a must-have item for time attack and for other competitions. The Metal LSD Spec II maintains the initial torque much longer than the standard metal LSDs and provides an assurance of long lasting maximum performance for a severe racing condition.    Click

Mar 26, 2010
ATS Spec II Carbon Clutch for BMW

ATS has released Spec II carbon clutches for BMW E36 & E46. The applications are available in triple, twin, and single. Also available is light flywheel version. A lighter than stock pedal effort and the high clamping rate make the Spec II an excellent choice for your BMW.    Click

Mar 03, 2010
ATS 9 inch Magnum Spec II

The upgraded ATS metal single clutch - 9 Inch Magnum Spec II offers a super light pedal effort and more torque delivery. Spec II twin and triple metal clutch will be released in the near future.    Click

Feb 23, 2010
ATS Japan 2010 catalog

ATS Japan released a new catalog for 2010. The catalog has 220 colored pages and is filled with all the information you need for the ATS products including the repair and overhaul parts lists. For the customers who read Japanese, the catalog can be downloaded from the ATS Japan's page     Click

A copy can be purchased at $20.00 plus shipping

Jan 28, 2010
Prospec II release

ATS starts selling new single carbon clutch - Prospec II on Feb 01, 2010. With a pedal effort lighter than stock, the Prospec II promises comfortable performance driving. The rated horse power is above 400 ps.    Click

Jan 14, 2010
Nissan 350Z/370Z 4.111 Final

ATS final for 350Z/370Z with the gear ratio of 4.111 was released in Japan last month. The first production was all sold out. The new one will be available in the first week of February 2010    Click for a picture

Dec 30, 2009
More applications for BMW LSD

The application table of the ATS LSD for BMW has been updated with new 87 mm disc series for E85, E87, & E90.     Click here to go to the BMW LSD page

Dec 20, 2009
Magnetic Drain Bolt update

The application table of the ATS magnetic drain bolt has been updated with the significantly increased applications. Click here to go to the Drain Bolt page

Dec 02, 2009
Price change (Carbon clutch & Carbon LSD)

ATS has been holding the prices for quite a time. However, due to the increase of the production materials, ATS is forced to hike the carbon product prices effective January 01, 2010. We sincerely hope you will understand the situation.

Nov 25, 2009
New LSDs for Nissan 350Z

New addition to the application list is LSDs for 350Z base model and 350Z w/ automatic transmission. 109150 series is for Z w/ an open differential and there is no need to change the side flanges. 109160 series is for Z with automatic transmission and the replacement of the ring gear and pinion gear is not required. Also new is CNRA(B)109130-SPL2 which is designed to maximize the LSD's response to your steering and throttle input.

Oct 20, 2009
Application list updated !!

ATS Carbon Clutch application list is updated with the Spec II carbon clutches. Please note that the expected release date of the Pro Spec II (single carbon clutch) is January 2010. Spec II twin & triple clutches are already available.                  Carbon clutch application list

Oct 17, 2009
ATS Carbon Clutch Prospec II for Nissan 350Z HR & 370Z

ATS will release a Prospec II (New Single carbon clutch) for Nissan 350Z HR and 370Z on December. The new single carbon clutch can handle 400 HP (at the wheel) with the same pedal effort of the stock clutch. It comes with the ATS conversion kit to eliminate the CSC mechanism, which will relieve you from a constant worry of CSC failure.

Oct 17, 2009
ATS Carbon Clutch Spec II test

ATS tested the new Spec II silent carbon clutch for Supra w/ 1,400kg clamping rate. The clutch was installed on ATS Supra with 540 HP (at the wheel) and it passed the test with flying colors.. The pedal effort is lighter than stock and there is no slipping on the clutch when the car accelerated with the full power. "Comfort and Performance" - that is what our professional driver Mr. Kinoshita envisions on the ATS parts.

Oct 02, 2009
ATS Carbon Clutch Prospec II / Spec II          The long - awaited new version!!!

ATS will release a new version of carbon clutch Prospec II (Single) and Spec II (Twin & Triple) very soon. The naming (Spec II) is not final at this point. Equipped with the newly designed pressure plates, the new version offers a tremendously higher torque delivery with the same pedal effort as the previous version. The pricing is same as the old one.             Please click here for the detail

Sep 15, 2009
Professional Driver Mitsuhiro Kinoshita has joined ATS

kinoshita Professional Race Car Driver, Mr. Mitsuhiro Kinoshita, has joined ATS as a key person for developing and marketing the launch of new products.

Mr. Kinoshita is very well known for his participation and accomplishments at the GT 300 Championship and the Tsukuba Time Attack Series. New ATS products are surely to reflect many excellent concepts that Mr. Kinoshita offers from his extensive experience and success in the racing industry.

Sep 09, 2009
SEMA 2009 (Nov 3-6, 2009)

We will be at 2009 SEMA. Our booth number is 24916 in the Performance/Racing section. Carbon silent clutch, carbon NC pull clutch, final gear, and new type R metal LSD will be on display. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Aug 19, 2009
ATS final gears for Porsche 6 speed

Two new models have been added to ATS final gear applications for Porsche - R7A16-30 and R7A16-31.

Click here for more information

Aug 13, 2009
Lower prices for ATS Carbon LSD

We have reduced several prices of ATS carbon LSD. The prices for NSX, GTR, Evo 10 have been reduced.

Click here to go to the application page

Aug 05, 2009
ATS Carbon / Metal clutches for Nissan Z

The clutch application list for Nissan 350Z / 370Z is updated with new lower prices and also with the silent clutch conversion kit.

clutch table
Aug 05, 2009
ATS Carbon / Metal Silent clutch conversion kit

For the customers who already have standard ATS carbon / metal clutch but would like to convert it to a silent type by utilizing the stock dual mass flywheel, ATS offers a conversion kit at $713.00 ($798.00 for JZA80).

Please click here to go to the silent clutch page

Jul 31, 2009
ATS Carbon / Metal LSD for Lexus

ATS added Super Silent LSD and Carbon LSD application for Toyota Lexus SC, GS, IS (w/ 3UZ-FE, 2GR-FSE, or 4GR-FSE engine). An LSD with a strong initial torque might activate the stock VSC function and prevent the optimum performance. ATS LSDs are configured to minimize the impact of VSC (if your Lexus is not equipped with VCS cancellation function.). Super Silent LSD - $1,318.00 and Carbon LSD - $1,719.00.

Jul 29, 2009
ATS Non Conversion Pull (NC-Pull) carbon clutch released

The ATS NC-Pull Carbon Clutch for Mazda FX7 FD3S and Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 have been released, which will be followed by one for Subaru GDB & GRB on August 10, 2009 and by one for Evo 10 on October 1, 2009

Please click here for the detail

Jun 24, 2009
Did you know ATS carbon LSD has been upgraded since December 07?

ATS carbon LSD has been upgraded with new internal disks. It is more durable and trouble free.

Please click here for the information

Jun 15, 2009
ATS Carbon LSD - Kinoshita Spec

This Carbon LSD was created in the Super Autobacs 350Z project which professional race car driver, Mr. Mitsuhiro Kinoshita, supervised. (please refer to our Media section for the article). With a 74 degree cam on the acceleration side, the LSD provides a faster throttle response at the exit point of a corner.

Please click here for the detail

Jun 11, 2009
Debut of Type R LSD Matsui Spec


Vehicle - Civic FD2 type R
Race Series - Honda Exciting Cup Inter Series
Driver - Takayuki Matsui
ATS would like to congratulate Mr. Matsui for winning the 1st and 3rd rounds of the “Honda Exciting Cup 2009” - Civic One Make Series. Mr. Matsui's Civic is sponsored by ATS and equipped with an ATS LSD.

In the Civic One Make Series, there are only minor differences in horse-power among competitors. The importance of each competitor’s drive train & suspension set-up cannot be taken for granted as it is a crucial component in the race. The new ATS LSD plays a vital role for his success and championships.

As a part of Mr. Matsui’s championships ATS is celebrating with the release of the ATS LSD which has the exact factory specs used in Mr. Matsui’s Civic FD Type R.

Please click here for detail.
May 15, 2009
ATS Non Conversion Pull (NC-Pull) carbon clutch

The ATS NC-Pull Carbon Clutch utilizes a stock clutch cover or a stock replacement after market clutch cover. There is no pull – push conversion required. It is conversion free. ATS plans to release the first models in the middle or late of June, 2009.

Please click here for the detail

May 07, 2009
ATS New LSD for NSX w/ 4.429 final gear ratio

ATS will release a new version of the LSD for the ACURA NSX with a new final gear ratio of 4.429 at the end of this month (May 2009).

The new LSD (both carbon and metal) will come with a shorter final gear of 4.429 compared with the current 4.235. You will enjoy the faster acceleration in each gear along with an unmatched traction of the ATS LSD. The price of the new LSD’s has been set lower than the current products. Furthermore, our current LSD will remain in our product line with a new lower price.

Effective May 26, 2009

HMA(B)10910-SS (Super Silent LSD)      Current price $3,194.00 New price $2,383.00

New Super Silent LSD for NSX NA1 with 4.429 Final Gear Set    Price $2,444.00
New Carbon LSD for NSX NA1 with 4.429 Final Gear Set    Price $3,014.00
New Carbon LSD Type Street for NSX NA1 with 4.429 Final Gear Set    Price $2,740.00

New Super Silent LSD for NSX NA2 with 4.429 Final Gear Set    Price $2,544.00
New Carbon LSD for NSX NA2 with 4.429 Final Gear Set    Price $3,114.00
New Carbon LSD Type Street for NSX NA2 with 4.429 Final Gear Set    Price $2,840.00

Apr 30, 2009
clutch table
Silent carbon clutch for 350Z HR & 370Z

ATS Silent Carbon clutch for 350Z HR and 370Z will be released in May. Like the one for 350Z DE, the clutches utilizes the stock dual mass flywheel to insure the very quiet operation. Above table lists the ATS clutch applications for Nissan Z at the end of May 2009.

* Clutch activation is to be changed to the similar system used for DE engine by a use of a withdrawal lever. CSC (Concentric Slave Cylinder) is replaced with Nissan stock slave cylinder. NISMO slave cylinder is offered as an option.

April 08, 2009
silent clutchsilent clutchsilent clutchsilent clutch
ATS Silent Carbon Clutch for 350Z w/ DE motor

ATS and Super Autobacs have been jointly working on the manufacturing of a new version of a high drivability carbon clutch. The challenge that ATS faced was to create a carbon clutch for 350Z which; 1) Can hold power at 500 horsepower - the Super Autobacs 350Z has a super charger with power well above 450 ps, 2) Does not have “hauling” or gear noise from the transmission when in a idle mode to a low range RPM , 3) Eliminates much of the shuddering, 4) The ATS Carbon Clutch maintains an excellent engagement characteristic.

Now the Silent Carbon Clutch has received approval from the Super Autobacs and professional driver Mr. Mitsuhiro Kinoshita, and it is ready for sales now. You will be able to see a Featured Article in REV Speed Magazine shortly.

In order to eliminate the unwanted harmonics and hauling noise, ATS decided to use a stock double mass flywheel. In addition, a soft type (Type S) internal discs is used to significantly reduce shuddering. At the moment, the silent carbon clutch for 350Z has only a twin model and with a 500 ps rated horse power at the wheel with a 1,100kg clamping force. (1,350kg clamping force is also available).

Expected release date - 1st week of May 2009. Place Your Orders to be the First on the Track with the ATS Silent Carbon Clutch.

Suggested retail price $3,035.00 including a new throw out bearing & shipping to your place

Mar 03, 2009
Differential Magnetic Drain Bolt

ATS has just released a new Differential Magnetic Drain Bolt. This bolt utilizes a very strong 4,100 gauss, neodymium magnet. With an adhesion strength of 4.4 kg, this product removes a greater amount of iron particles inside the differential oil thus extending the life of your limited slip differential (LSD) and differential final gear.

The first release is for Subaru Impreza and will be followed by more applications.

R7A58-10 (for Impreza GC8/GDB) Retail $25.00
R7A58-11 (for Impreza GRB) Retail $25.00
R7A58-12 (for 350Z, S2000, RX7) -- release date March 16, 09 $25.00

Feb 23, 2009 (Revised on Feb 12, 2009)
1 way cam ring set for 87mm disc LSD

ATS has released a 1-Way Cam Ring Set for an 87mm disc LSD. ATS LSDs made for Honda / Acura FF, Mitsubishi Evo, and Toyota AE86 & Celica all have an 87mm disc. There are three cam angles on each cam ring with a 45 degree, 55 degree, and 70 degree angles and with these options, a driver can choose the desired cam angle to fit his/her driving style.

You can convert an existing 1.5-Way LSD to 1-Way LSD by replacing the internal cam rings and the cross axis with this kit. You can also order a new LSD with the 1-Way Cam Ring Kit that will be factory installed at ATS factory.

Model # R7A15-41
Price $295.00

Please add $135.00 to the price of a standard 87mm LSD and $45.00 to the price of an 87mm Super Silent LSD if you would like to purchase a new fully installed LSD with this kit.

Feb 06, 2009
Super Silent LSD release schedule

Good news!! The 87 mm diameter disk Super Silent LSDs will be released on February 16, way before the previously scheduled. LSDs for Honda B & K series and Evo 7-10 will be available very soon.

Please click here for the detailed schedule.

Jan 06, 2009 (Revised on Feb 12, 2009)
porsche final
Porsche Final Gear 3.750

Beat your competition with this shorter gear!!
Release date is February 12, 2009

Born from the need to win the Tsukuba Time Attack series, the 3.750 final gear ratio has been specifically designed from extensive data acquired from actual track runs. For the drivers, who are stuck with sluggish stock gears or who are annoyed by the constant need of gear change from the 4.000 final gear, the ATS 3.750 Final Gear presents an excellent solution.

Made of high precision chro-moly (chromium molybdenum steel) and with ATS temper shot that is applied after heat treatment.
[Temper shot is a special shot peening process ATS provides for many racing teams.]

Application - Porsche G50 NA 5MT transmission
Price - $1,6740.00 (including the EMS [express air by the USPS] from ATS Japan)

The final gear for G50 NA 6MT is scheduled to be released on May 01, 2009 & the final for Turbo 6MT is scheduled to be released at the end of May, 2009

Dec 02, 2008
Z33 clutch
ATS twin / triple metal clutch for 350Z w/ HR motor

ATS has released a newly designed metal twin / triple clutch for Nissan 350Z with an HR motor. Similar to other ATS metal clutches, the newly designed performance clutch handles greater torque / horse power and can enhance your driving experience for your tuned 350Z .

This product is offered with two clamping rates—1,100kg and 1,350kg. The twin clutch can handle 450 hp with the 1,100kg clamping rate and 550 hp with the 1,350kg clamping rate clutch. The triple clutch is rated at 700 hp with a 1,100kg clamping rate and 850 hp with the 1,350kg clamping rate clutch.

As you may be aware of, there is a weak point in the CSC (Concentric Slave Cylinder) within the 350Z with an HR stock clutch. The CSC tends to be easily damaged when you increase the horse power of your 350Z. After multiple testing and R & D, ATS has concluded that the best way is to not utilize the CSC and use a withdrawal lever. This will have a similar activation system that is used for early model 350Z that have a DE motor. The ATS clutch kit comes with all the necessary parts for your installation.

An option that ATS offers is a NISMO big slave cylinder and a special mesh clutch line with excellent heat protection from the exhaust pipe.

Twin Model # MN232160-11 (1,100kg) or MN232160-14 (1,350kg)
Weight of the flywheel 9.8kg      Price $2,391.00
Triple Model # MN233160-11 (1,100kg) or MN233160-14 (1,350kg)
Weight of the flywheel 9.8 kg     Price $2,633.00

Option price -     NISMO slave cylinder +$102.00 ,      Mesh clutch line $140.00

The prices include the EMS (Express Air by the USPS) shipping from ATS Japan to your shop or to your customer. (This clutch does not fit 350Z early model with DE motor)
Available on December 9, 2008

Nov 12, 2008
ATS Twin Metal clutch for Honda S2000 & ACURA NSX

ATS has released a newly designed twin metal clutch for Honda S2000 and ACURA NSX. The twin clutch is offered with two clamping rates - 1,100kg and 1,350kg. The rated horse powers are 450 HP w/ 1,100kg clamping rate and 550 HP w/ 1,350kg clamping rate. The clutch is a push type and the kit for S2000 comes with the newly improved pull - push conversion parts w/ Nissan slave cylinder (conversion kit version 2).

Honda S2000 AP1 & AP2 - Model # MH232120-11 or MH232120-14    $1,744.00
[Total weight 10.7kg, weight of the flywheel 3.0kg]

ACURA NSX NA1 & NA 2 - Model # MH23250-11 or MH23250-14    $1,860.00
[Total weight 12.1kg, weight of the flywheel 4.4kg]

Nov 03, 2008
ATS Evolutionary metal LSD - Super Silent Limited Slip Differential

An inevitable drawback of a clutch type LSD has been the undesirable chattering noise. Even though the performance advantage of a clutch type LSD are well documented, many people have resorted to a "gear type" or "viscous type" LSD to avoid the noise during daily street driving. You no longer have to make that trade off!! The New ATS Super Silent LSD offers the best of the both worlds, the performance of clutch type LSD and the quietness of a gear type LSD.

Super Silent LSD will be available at the middle of December 2008 for 109 mm disc LSDs - LSD for 350Z, 240SX, Supra, RX7, RX8. Followed by 95 mm disc LSDs in February 2009.

Price - $90.00 additional over the currently available metal LSDs.

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